Preprint on special values of p-adic L-functions and Iwasawa λ-invariants of Dirichlet characters

We study the Iwasawa λ-invariant of Dirichlet characters χ for odd primes p and derive easily computable novel criteria to distinguish between the cases λ=0, λ=1, λ=2 and λ≥3.

Paper on Iwasawa lambda-invariants for abelian number fields

In a joint paper with Daniel Delbourgo, we study we study the Iwasawa lambda-invariants of Dirichlet characters of any order and generalize a prediction of Ellenberg, Jain and Venkatesh.

Paper on Dirichlet Series Expansions of p-adic L-Functions

In a joint paper with Lawrence C. Washington, we derive a Dirichlet series expansion of p-adic L-functions. The paper is published in Abh. Math. Sem. Univ. Hambg.

Preprint on Measures and p-adic L-Functions

We define an alternating measure on the p-adic integers and derive a Dirichlet expansion of p-adic L-functions.